A painful lesson

A  painful  lesson

Our bodies are made of flesh and bones. Anytime any part is injured we feel pain. So we try to avoid injury as much as we can. Usually it takes a painful lesson to teach us to avoid injury. The following was a particularly painful one.

I, like any young child, love to run around as quickly as I can. It is fun. However, there is danger of falling down which can result in painful injuries.

One day while playing "catching" with some friends I happened to run down a hill. I found that running down a hill was easy and I could go very fast. At the spur of the moment I decided to see how fast I could go. So I ran with all my might.

Alas, I ran too fast for my legs to keep up. One moment I was running, the next I fell sprawling onto the tarmac road. The shock was horrible as I scraped along the hard surface of the road.

The pain was intense as I lay on the road writhing. My hands, legs and face were bleeding from the many parts where my skin had been scraped off. When my friends came to help me they were horrified to see me in such a bloody mess.

Anyhow they summoned help and I was taken to the hospital. There they cleaned and dressed my wounds. All the time I felt as though I was on fire.

I suffered for two weeks thereafter every time they changed the bandages. It was terrible.

I learned my lesson. It is foolish to run down a hill.